Empowerment for youths in Ondo City

My Names are Ambassador Femi Amos, the CEO of ADR PAYMENTS with Head Office in Ondo City.

My Organization is one of the selected 5 Organization that pilot Agency Banking Sensitization in Nigeria for Etranzact Int’l PLC in 2010 and has since been in the business with over 500 Agents for Etranzact, Opay and Innovectives LTD. The 3 Companies mentioned are among the Top 10 MMOs in Nigeria.

We have been able to Create Jobs in Ondo City for 60 youths in this arena popularly known as POS CASHIER.

In our vision to reduce unemployment in Ondo City through our humble contribution, we are creating more Job Opportunity through our POS SERVICE for anyone interested.

Interested Person Must Possess the followings:

1. A Space to Operate the Business in Ondo City.

2. A functional Android Phone

3. Provide a Guarantor residing in Ondo City.

We at ADR PAYMENT will Provide the Followings

1. A POS Therminal

2. A daily Business float and Cash for running the Business

3. Monthly Salary for the interested Cashier.

All our Cashiers will be trained on the Operations of the business and need not worry about Business Capital as we do that on daily basis through our Partners in the business.

This is open to discussion as we believe this will bring positive impact into our City.

Thank You.

Ambassador Femi Amos.

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