FFK: Who is squeezing your balls?

I will never support the denigration and destruction of any Yorùbá man, not even Asiwaju.

In Yoruba land, education has become a curse as we are always professionals in bringing down our own in usually a desperate bid to destroy their chances of climbing to the top.
How many northerners denigrate any of their leaders in such manner? Have you ever seen northern scholars displaying their brilliance in destroying their own people like this? Are their leaders saints? Is anybody a saint? Hell no, not in anywhere in the world.


We are so talented in beaming our searchlights on the presumed sins of our brothers without any form of recognition of their sacrifices and good deeds. Is FFK a saint? Not even his father or his grandfather or any in his generation.
Blaming Bola Tinubu for the failings of the Buhari Presidency is mischievous, wicked, satanic and stems from mischievous ignorance.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is equally not a saint, he has his failings as a human being but he is unarguably the greatest Yorùbá man alive today. He has positively impacted this race more than any other Yoruba man in history and It is clear to the world that no one has his political dexterity and goodwill in this present Nigeria. His political machinery and influence echoes through the length breath of Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Let Yorùbá learn to celebrate the virtues of her own rather than publicise assumed vices. The north is always standing by to reap the fruits of such foolish brilliance while Yoruba will later complain of marginalisation and domination by the domineering northern oligarchy.


Femi Fani Kayode

While I will not serve FFK same disrespectful and abusive meal he served his brother, It is important to tell him he has no moral justification to make such submission about a man who dwarfed him in greatness, positive contributions to nation building, and in all other spheres of life.
FFK and his accomplices should calm down and allow Yoruba put forward it’s best foot.
FFK, who is squeezing your balls to betray your race?

Ṣẹgun Adeṣemoye is the founder and president of the Yoruba Heritage Group.
He writes from Ondo City.

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