Oyo State Blessed?

Of course, alot of people, especially those in government elsewhere in Nigeria, don’t know what transparency is all about…

Oyo State people are so lucky to have a Governor, who is doing them proud in and out of Nigeria on this topic called “Transparency”

How many governors have you seen that will award contracts, and list names, amount and duration and timeframe of completion of those projects? This is exactly what GSM is doing in Oyo State. You can have details of his awarded projects without even asking him.

Not only that, Governor Seyi Makinde has just spent just a year in Office out of FOUR, and Tracka NG even attested to the fact that over 300 projects have been completed by Makinde goverment unlike others whose project only start and end in the media and newspapers. Some of their projects only exists on social media and Power Point presentations.

Today is International Youth day, young people of Nigeria, you now have a leader, a role model you can learn good things from. His name is SEYI MAKINDE.

His projects are not AUDIO but visible and VISUAL.


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