We won’t allow Seriki’s return – Igangan residents

Indigenes and residents of Igangan town in Ibarapa North Local Government have vowed never to allow the return Seriki of Fulani, Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir.

Abdulkadir, they said, created a crime empire in the axis, which fuelled kidnapping, rape and killings.


They told Governor Seyi Makinde to keep him in the Government House if he is so much in love with the Seriki, who was chased out of the town last Friday by Yoruba rights activists Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho and his supporters.


The Convener, Igangan Development Advocates, Mr Oladokun Oladiran, stated these in a conversation with Newsmen.


He also dispelled the notion that Abdulkadir had earned the right to stay in Igangan having lived in the town for over 50 years.


Those years, he said, were tantamount to building a crime empire that made living hellish for residents and indigenes.


According to him: “The Governor mentioned that the Seriki had been in Igangan for 50 years or thereabouts, that is 50years of being a strong cabal, 50years of building a strong empire of crime, of becoming so entrenched in crime.


“Staying in a location for 50 years is not a reason to exonerate such a person from criminal activities. In fact, if someone is building a crime institution, after 50 years, you can expect that the person must have perfected the act and established a big kingdom of crime.


“So, what the governor said I don’t think he got it right. What the Governor said as regards the longevity of Seriki upon our land is also tantamount to the longevity of terror upon the land.


“So, the people of Ibarapa rejects and denounce the return of Seriki and will not accept it. As Ibarapa is uniting as one voice, we will not accept that.


“So, if the governor wants to choose a criminal above loyal citizens, his own loyal people who are open minded and who love him, then, he is saying that we do not matter on his table.


“If he cares so much about Seriki, let him settle Seriki in the Government House, we don’t mind.”

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